About Us

Motherhood is considered to be one of the most fulfilling experiences in the world. As a first-time mum to Zion, I could not believe that I could hold so much emotion for one tiny human. But nothing can prepare you for the feeling of helplessness when your child scratches himself until he bleeds. My emotions took over and I often wondered why I could not help him; despite the numerous lotions and potions I had covered him with.
Zion was around 2-years old when he started to develop eczema/ ringworm. Nothing the doctors suggested seemed to help my son. From suggestions to eliminate certain things from his diet to prescriptions for several different ‘light’ ointments, creams and even steroid creams. Nothing worked. Zion already had a very restricted diet, so the process was tough not only on him but also on me and his father. 
At the height of my frustration and hurt, that I could not help my own son, I began to research natural remedies that would help dry, itchy skin conditions and eczema. The process was not a quick fix. It was trial and error, waiting to see what things helped Zion’s skin and what things didn’t. And…through all of this, Zire Body Butter/Skin therapy oil was born! Once I saw the improvements it made to Zion and also (by then) my daughter (who also had the same issues), I was determined to help others. Mums with children with the same skin sensitivities and issues, people who may suffer from certain skin conditions; dry itchy skin, skin that is eczema prone and those who suffer from ring worm. But you may have ‘normal’ skin, I use this on myself as a mother of two and it also works to keep my skin looking fresh and radiant. No matter what your skin condition, Zire Body Butter is for you.
Zire Hair cream was also created to help with dry itchy scalp, repair damaged hair and help soften hair.